on the Light Data Centre offering services from our skilled "Amours"

    until our mid-week Club & Cocktails

    Music Playlist

    Open every:
    Wednesday 18.00 ST - 22.00
    Alternate Saturday's 19.00 ST - Late

    Phoenix - Goblet - Ward 9 - Plot 12

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    • You confirm when entering our venue and/or booking one of services you are 18+

    • Please hide weapons and dismiss minions before entering the venue and refrain from using weapon skills.

    • All public chat and emotes must be kept Safe For Work (SFW). Also refrain from emote spamming.

    • Please do not Yell or Shout in the venue. The staff will use this method to make announcements.

    • Amours have the right to refuse any service and/or patron.

    • Please do not harass any member of staff or patron.

    Harrassment & Emote/Skill spamming will result in a Ban


    New Escort Services Available! To enquire click here

    • BOY/GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE - 75k gil per 30 Minutes

    This is a 1 on 1 dating session within our venue. No ERP involved.

    • TABLE DANCING - 100k gil per 30 Minutes

    RP Table Dance. 25k gil per extra person / per 30 mins*

    • PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT - 150k gil per 30 minutes

    ERP based in one of our private rooms. Minimum booking time of 1 hour. 75k gil per extra person / per 30 mins

    • KINK ENTERTAINMENT - 200k gil per 30 minutes

    BDSM ERP based in one of our private rooms. Minimum booking time of 1 hour. 100k gil per extra person / per 30 mins

    How to book: Simply approach one of Amours with the green "looking for party" symbol and let them know what you are interested in.

    Prebooking: If you would like to make an enquiry please use our online form.



    Vanilla/Submissive/Switch Tendencies - Pansexual

    Thalanya knows everything about the sensual pleasures of the bedchambers, she's read all about it long after the sun set, every moment to spare even. With such knowledge filling her mind it's perhaps no wonder that she's eager to practice, every new experience savoured.


    Vanilla/Submissive - Pansexual

    Violia is a diminutive Raen with alluring blue eyes and doll like complexion, but don't let her innocent appearance fool you, she is a terrible flirt and tease. With a powerful need to please, her submissive nature will shine through, her pleasure is your pleasure.


    Vanilla / Submissive - Pansexual

    Luxurious adventure awaits you behind the closed doors of Lexie's room. This young, daring Miqo' devotes herself to making your night end on a high. No stranger to novelty, tame her and she'll make you her master for the night. Drawing you in with her amber eyes, she'll give you a ride you'll never forget.

    German RP also available


    Vanilla/Submissive/Switch Tendencies - Pansexual

    A lovely Raen with hair of gilded sunlight, eyes as different and unique as the finest jewels, she is a gliding goddess on the stage. While also being a seductive sinner in the sheets and she’s here to tempt you with her radiance. She’s a feisty dragon with a heart of gold that loves to please her partner in every way possible.


    Vanilla/Dominant - Heterosexual

    From dancing in the streets of Ul’Dah to running Doman blockades as a smuggler and learning the secrets of the Shinobi, Spring’s travelled far and wide. Athletic, acrobatic and deft as a hunting panther, this flirtatious cat boy can dance in to your fantasies or bring his ship to your port through the stormiest of weathers


    Vanilla/Dominant/Switch Tendencies - Heterosexual

    Hailing from the Steppe all Austin ever grew up knowing was how to become a better warrior. He never had a passion for battle but still became and excellent combatant. He made his way to Ul'dah, charged with guarding a travelling merchant. There he found a passion he would come to enjoy, being a dominant Amour. Strong and determined he utilizes the combat abilities he learned from his tribe to inflict pain and pleasure to the beautiful woman of Eorzea.


    Vanilla/Dominant/Switch Tendencies - Pansexual

    Yoko comes from the far east country of Yanxia, and can't wait to meet all the beauties Eorzea has to offer. He is a performer, a dancer, a musician, and a very passionate Amour. If you catch his glowy glance on you, prepare to be seduced


    Vanilla/Submissive/Switch Tendencies - Pansexual

    This Elezen is happy to entertain anyone as he likes to put a smile on their face. While shy, once he warms up he transforms into his natural flirty and perhaps bratty self.


    Vanilla/Dominant/Switch Tendencies - Heterosexual

    Feitan is a hot-blooded Miqo'te with youthful charm and a mature mind. With his lips and hands he will leave the taste of milk and honey in your mouth, and show you what brown sugar really is. While his body will teach you to feel sensuality and rhythm not only while dancing...


    Vanilla/Dominant/Switch Tendencies - Heterosexual

    Growing up in Gridania with his foster parents and his sisters, did Ethe pursuit the path of the Scholar. Acknowledging it wasn't for him, his wanderlust took over and decided to enjoy his life to the fullest. Filled with wisdom and composed in nature, this feline is brimming with seductive resolve to fulfil his partners desires.





    Amour turned admin, her passion is keeping the books and balancing business with pleasure.

    Entertainment Staff


    Bar Manager

    Nice is the gentle giant of La Petite Mort. Don't be intimidated by his size, he is true to his name, and he serves a fantastic cocktail! He started as a helping hand behind the bar and worked his way up to the Bar Manager position.



    She can be shy and humble in one moment, unapologetic, blunt and assertive the next. Just like her personality, her skill-set is wide. Amongst other things her extended knowledge of medicine lends her a hand in synthesizing delicious drinks or other concoctions to bring you a momentary delight.





    Security Staff

    Mort was born as a member of the Wandering forest tribes, then emigrated to Ul’dah when he was a young boy to study Black Magic at the Thaumaturges’ guild. After pledging himself as a true Black Mage, he decided he needed to fund his studies and found a job he truly enjoys at La Petite Mort as a member of the security team.


    Security Staff

    Rin is a small male Au'ra from Yanxia. Not having had the chance to grow up and become like his Brother Seii, he didn't let this stop him following his dreams to become a great and hard working Security.He may be tiny but dont mess with him, he is stronger than he looks and takes his duty seriously.


    Security Staff


    Security Staff

    Attempts to bribe Ini with chocolate.


    Security Staff

    Past Events


    Lounge & Tavern - is the Tavern venue under the Endless Nights banner - the one where it all started. With themed events and music by our own in-house bards, aswell as a fully roleplayed bar & diner experience, the Lounge & Tavern is the perfect place for someone who loves to attend musical events or simply wants to do some casual roleplay. Even for hanging out and making friends, the tavern is the perfect place.

    Afterparty 2.0 - is an Adult Nightclub / Gentlemen's Club event venue under the banner of Endless Nights. The goal is to provide patrons with the darker and more passionate side of nightlife, as per our vision at Endless Nights. With the selfsame production quality and standards as the Endless Nights Tavern, the Afterparty promises to be a refreshing contrast from what we usually provide.


    The Dark Side of Light

    The Darkside of Light is the datacenter's longest standing discord community all about finding, hosting and promoting mature events. Guests can peruse the many venues on offer to find their new favourite place and hosts can promote their venues. Putting a strong focus on coaching new budding hosts the ropes and teaching them all they need to know to run their very own independent events.


    Magical Nights

    Magical Nights - is a Nightclub mainly themed around EDM Music, let the banging music bring your booty too our dance floor, while our Dancers will make your night even more magical. We often combine our music taste with other themes to make every night unique and special. Join us and let us provide you a moment you can hold on too. Magical Nights is part of the Lotus Community that hosts other events by the same publisher.