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    • You confirm when entering our venue and/or booking one of services you are 18+

    • Please hide weapons and dismiss minions before entering the venue and refrain from using weapon skills.

    • All public chat and emotes must be kept Safe For Work (SFW). Also refrain from emote spamming.

    • Please do not Yell or Shout in the venue. The staff will use this method to make announcements.

    • Amours have the right to refuse any service and/or patron.

    • Please do not harass any member of staff or patron.

    Harrassment & Emote/Skill spamming will result in a Ban

    How to book: Simply approach one of Amours with the green "looking for party" symbol and let them know what you are interested in. If you would like to prebook, please join our discord to open a ticket.

    Submissive / Switch Tendencies - Pansexual - Female

    Thalanya knows everything about the sensual pleasures of the bedchambers, she's read all about it long after the sun set, every moment to spare even. With such knowledge filling her mind it's perhaps no wonder that she's eager to practice, every new experience savoured.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Submissive - Pansexual - Female

    Violia is a diminutive Raen with alluring blue eyes and doll like complexion, but don't let her innocent appearance fool you, she is a terrible flirt and tease. With a powerful need to please, her submissive nature will shine through, her pleasure is your pleasure.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Submissive / Switch Tendencies - Pansexual - Female

    A lovely Raen with hair of gilded sunlight, eyes as different and unique as the finest jewels, she is a gliding goddess on the stage. While also being a seductive sinner in the sheets and she’s here to tempt you with her radiance. She’s a feisty dragon with a heart of gold that loves to please her partner in every way possible.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Switch - Pansexual - Female

    Orphaned in her youth she had to sharpen her senses and claws. She still knows how to use them in many ways. Under the teaching of our own Steffomatus she learned to explore her adventurous side . The wild kitty often gets her self in danger of the most delicious kind sometimes the only way to tame her are disciplinary means.


    Switch - Pansexual - Female

    She came to Eorzea from distant lands as an explorer. In her free time, she likes to visit places and meet new people. Whether it's to relax, dance or drink a good beer.
    Appearing sweet at first, she likes to make people smile but can adapt if the situation calls for it.


    Switch - Pansexual - Female

    A Bozjian beauty, sweet as a rose but also venomous as a snake. As a professional dancer she knows how to get your full attention and lead you to new horizons. How far? Thats up to you!

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Submissive / Switch Tendencies - Pansexual - Female

    Born and raised in Dalmasca, Elucia grew up fascinated by the swaying hips of the travelling exotic dancers. Her feline manners and the hidden fierce demeanour proven to be the perfect tools to tempt and seduce. If her red hair and piercing green eyes aren't a warning sign then let her drag you behind closed doors and unleash her insatiable appetite. Will you make her purr for you?

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Switch - Pansexual - Female

    This blonde and green-eyed Viera conjurer is an accomplished entertainer and courtesan, skilled in music, dance, and of course, the arts of the bedroom. She can treat you to a private care session or submit to your most hidden fantasies in her lair or she can drive you under her forked Viera stilettoes - if that is your wish.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Switch - Pansexual - Trans Female

    Uldah's own jewel of the backstreets, Princess Lan has danced her way through the Colosseum, many hearts, straight to LPM! With a wild streak spoken of in hushed tones across the Star, those with the daring and boldness to approach may be graced with the "Royal Treatment"! Will you kneel at her throne, or knock the crown from her pretty head?

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Submissive - Pansexual - Female

    Mischevious, flirty and endlessly kinky, this insatiable seductress has long left behind any sense of shame or restraint. Not afraid to go all the way, she will ensure her guests are left fully satisfied. Aly will eagerly fulfil every single naughty desire you have, and make your fantasies become reality.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Submissive / Switch Tendencies - Pansexual - Male

    Leaving his little village to go on a pilgrimage has brought this Vieran across Eorzea to experience the world. Always looking for new experiences he is happy to share what he has learned as an Amour with any kind soul who wishes to partake.


    Versatile Switch - Homosexual - Male

    This Xaela seems to be the runt of the litter when you compare him to his steppe brothers, but for what he lacks in physical aptitude, he makes up for with his bark. More dominant patrons will find him a fun toy to break, if they can endure the relentless teasing and cocky backtalk at first. However, he has a soft side for first-timers and will guide the more timid ones amongst you with a loving, intimate touch.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Dominant / Switch - Pansexual - Male

    Yoko comes from the far east country of Yanxia, and can't wait to meet all the beauties Eorzea has to offer. He is a performer, a dancer, a musician, and a very passionate Amour. If you catch his glowy glance on you, prepare to be seduced.


    Switch - Bisexual - Male

    Can you keep a secret? Many get fooled by this student's nerdy face, until they get a taste of the beast sealed within.
    Let him ride you to pleasure highway or try your luck at taming the big man!
    Between you and him, who will roar the loudest tonight?

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Submissive/Switch - Pansexual - Male

    As a stray soul in Limsa Lominsa, this poor kitten had to learn how to please to survive. Do not be afraid to whisper into his ears your dreams; he will make sure to caress you to heaven with his porcelain pale touch and his alchemy skills. There might be a tiger waiting under his amber eyes… His lust grows by the second.

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Female base character

    Submissive - Pansexual - Male | Trans-male

    Kyhu is coming from a mixed clan close to the Ruby Sea. He works as a merchant and alchemist, crafting his own toys and drinks. He can freely change between gender with the help of one of those drinks. Can you make this little brat succumb to your desire? Or will he twist you around his finger?

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Dominant / Switch Tendencies - Pansexual - Male | Trans-male

    Kuroku is a mysterious being. Made from Kyhu's Aether they look like twins, but he seems to have a much darker character. He often dresses himself in black clothes and seems to not have an interest in anything beside his lighter half. Can you turn his gaze to only look at you? Or will you get devoured by this devil with an angel's smile?

    Wednesday / Saturday

    Manager & Bookings

    Amour turned admin, her passion is keeping the books and balancing business with pleasure. She is usually busy in the background but always available to answer any queries, in and out of hours.

    Manager & Mixologist

    Nice is the gentle giant of La Petite Mort, and one of the main faces of the venue.
    Don't be intimidated by his size though, he is true to his name, and he serves a fantastic cocktail!

    Assistant Manager

    The front desk on are on hand to greet and answer any questions you may have.
    Interested in making a booking during opening hours? Then Vans will be happy to assist.

    Head Socialité

    Red is a social butterfly with a love for all kinds of explosions, but this smol sweet Xaela has a devious and mischievous side for playful trouble. Organising social events in and outside of La Petite Mort, she strives to deliver a good time, if not death in fits of giggles. Learn more about Raiders and Retreat

    Socialité & Mixologist

    Sol is a massive flirt who knows how to go hard. Endgame content blushes in his wake and but he will never turn down an adventurer in need. Map hunts, mount and glam farming, you name it, he will grind with you through it all. Learn more about Raiders and Retreat


    Whether it’s engineering or fixing up a cocktail, Elysia is a natural problem-solver and will know exactly how to perk you up with the right drink. Plus, she has an opinion on just about anything. Ready yourself for an evening of impassioned conversations at the bar.





    DJ Coordinateur

    Kehvor is in charge of finding and booking DJ's.
    Want to be a guest DJ? Then get in touch with us!

    Resident Staff DJ



    A wandering artist, with a wide range of skill. She travels the whole Eorzea to take pictures, painting or exploring. Discovering and making sure that people see things through her art is her job, and her passion.Meo's Instagram

    Looking to book a party? or just a private area to enjoy the night?
    Our VIP Package has everything you need to have a great night!

    Our suites are available to book for the entire evening for 150k gil

    The LPM SuiteFully stocked bar, comfortable seating, loft area with triple bed and large luxurious bathroom in the signature LPM colours.

    The Kink SuiteComplete with Cage, Cross, Restraint Table with Mirror, Throne, Triple Bed with reinforced Head board, Cuffs, Chains and Hot tub with after care ointments.

    The Terrace SuiteLight and airy pastel room with triple bed leading out onto a terrace balcony. Enjoy breakfast with a view or a dip in the hot tub.

    The Honeymoon SuiteClassic Black & White Lines. Double feather bed, Massage Table and Hot tub with waterfall. Opening Saturday

    Wednesday's at LPM are about bringing you the best weekend vibes you can get midweek as well as our high class bordello services, join us for our Club and Cocktail event!

    Alternate Saturdays we bring you themed events, from K-Pop to Murder Mystery; With Glams, Competitions, Stage and Role Play Events.

    Seventh Haven is a European discord community for roleplayers and those who are interested in that scene! Any level of experience is welcome as we offer a unique mentorship program based around everything from general RP to club staff RP and even RP lore (for those interested in it)!
    7H has also created tons of ways for people to advertise your craft and skills (art, photography etc) and other player created content.

    The Catwalk is the place to show your style to the world! Wanted to see how your glam looks compared to others that have the same addiction? We say: THE STAGE IS YOURS! We offer you the a place to let out the little fashionista that is hidden inside of you. We are still looking for models to compete and also want to welcome a lot of people to enjoy an evening of style and glam. The models can win a prize for their hard work and our lovely audience decide who should be honoured for the glam they are showing.

    The Foxden is a Modern Nightclub situated in Lavender Beds that specialises in EDM and DnB music with a fox type theme in the club. Stop by and see if you can find them all!

    Lounge & Tavern - is the Tavern venue under the Endless Nights banner - the one where it all started. With themed events and music by our own in-house bards, aswell as a fully roleplayed bar & diner experience, the Lounge & Tavern is the perfect place for someone who loves to attend musical events or simply wants to do some casual roleplay. Even for hanging out and making friends, the tavern is the perfect place.